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You don't have to stick with just an image! We can make brochures, business cards, infographics, and many other things!

What is the graphic or design being used for? *

This helps us know the ultimate goal so we can design your project with this in mind.

What size do you need the graphic in? *

Please use inches (for print) or pixels (for web) as your unit.
Describe your colour palette: *

Use CMYK or PANTONE (for print) or RGB for web where possible.
Do you want to use photos? *

Will you be able to provide photos?

We do not provide photography services at this time. However, for a small fee we can purchase suitable stock photos for you.
Are you able to submit text to go on the image? Please give us a word count, expectations, and needs. This can include spell checking, copy editing, and journalism. Translation services are not available at this time. *

Insanitek does provide journalism services as well as copy editing and other works. We can combine these services into a graphics package for a small fee if needed. Otherwise, we will use your text exactly as provided.
What day and time do you need your project done by? *

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks before the due date to insure time to put together the graphic proof and final edits. Please allow up to 5 weeks if you are requesting journalism services to go along with the graphic as we fact check everything thoroughly.
What is your budget for this project? *

Please give a range of prices that you have set aside for this project to be completed. (US Dollars)
Please, add a few notes so we can understand your overall vision. *

Please add any notes of relevance. We want to help you with minimal strain or confusion on either end.
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Once again, than you for your awesome work and dedication to science! We're right there with you -- every step of the way.
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